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Having trouble getting your digital campaign up and running? Short on skills? Unsure of next steps? We can help you plan, prioritise and implement. Fast.

Spot On helps organisations deliver and improve on their digital marketing plans, whilst helping to reduce time-to-market.

In the fast moving world of digital marketing, organisations often lack the right skills and experience to introduce new projects and programmes in the short term. Project management needs to be able to take a holistic view of new digital requirements, allowing for marketing, technology and human resource factors. Spot On can help organisations plan, resource and fast track their projects.

Typical digital project challenges

Alignment with strategy – There is often a gap in understanding of the realities of digital implementation at a senior management level and of marketing strategy at a implementation level. This can mean that marketing activities don’t drive desired outcomes.

Budget confusion – In a world where there are almost unlimited online resources and choice of prices, it’s easy for management to get wrong-footed when setting budgets. It is just as easy to miss essential budget items due to lack of experience, or specify service costs that are top-heavy for the current task.

Skills mismatch – Creative talent, in-house or agency-side, usually does not have the right strengths to methodically plan, budget, specify and project manage technology-enabled marketing projects and programmes.

Misleading vendor briefs – Most digital projects require both creative and technology solutions that must integrate and perform to meet business goals. Appropriately specifying requirements in a way that talks to technology, creative and business processes is key to getting the best results from agencies, vendors and other service providers.

Stakeholder support – As digital communications becomes more and more pervasive, so does its demands on a departmental organisation. Few digital projects these days do not impact multiple departments in the organisation. However, simply sharing news from the ‘coal face’ doesn’t always inspire useful involvement from the wider team.

Evaluation – Companies that are investing in digital initiatives that are breaking new ground for the organisation, often don’t fully understand what they are asking for or what it should look like when it arrives. It’s quite common for clients to discover the short-comings weeks, months or even years after products and services are delivered, because it takes that long for internal teams to find out they’re missing something important.


  • Digital marketing audits
  • Digital project management
  • Research & needs analysis
  • Project planning & budgeting
  • Strategy workshops
  • Training & capacity building
  • Vendor sourcing
  • Writing vendor briefs

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