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Want to invest in content marketing that drives website traffic, increases brand engagement and delivers results? Spot On provides turnkey solutions.

Spot On develops high performance Middle East content marketing campaigns in Arabic, English and other languages that deliver the right results.

Content marketing is simply the practice of using content to drive engagement, whether that is engagement with a website, a mobile application, an email marketing campaign or via other marketing channels. The challenge is to ensure that that content meets all the technical requirements for successful distribution, discovery and engagement without sacrificing marketing strategy, content quality and brand positioning.

How we can help

Research & definition – Any content strategy should be born out of a deep understanding of your brand, your target audiences and the context in which content will have to perform. There’s clearly no point in investing in a content initiative if you have no idea how to differentiate this content and win against existing competition.

Content marketing strategy – Finding a unique proposition and a market niche for your content, could prove to be the difference between producing a runaway success and an expensive failure. A content marketing strategy may use any or all of a wide variety of channels and content formats (i.e. text, images, infographics, video, audio). Spot On helps brands identify content opportunities and turn them into high-performance campaigns.

Creating a content engine – There are many different ways to create content for content marketing depending on the brand, objectives, target audiences and channels. That content could be solely product or service related, or could be completely brand-neutral in order to drive the right results. Spot On helps clients create a process to fulfill content needs, leveraging internal assets, agency expertise and third-party resources.

SEO strategy – Internet search engines are now a primary source of website traffic for many brands, which is why SEO has become so important for online marketing. However, digital search environment is fast changing, subject to changes in technology, search behaviour and competitive SEO activity. Without a top-down strategy, organisations risk wasting budget on SEO programmes that have little chance of long-term success. Spot On helps clients define SEO strategy that is intrinsically linked to both business objectives and engagement goals.

Creative content – Many brands lack the skills and resources to produce content at a quality, efficiency and frequency required to support their campaigns. Meanwhile, outsourcing content production often risks diluting brand messaging or missing technical opportunities to optimise content for the brand’s digital campaign. Spot On has the brand communications experience, track record in regional content production and digital know-how to create content that engages, positions and performs.

Content optimisation – The best content campaigns are developed and continually optimised over an extended period of time, seizing new opportunities and building on success as the campaign progresses. With more than 20 years of experience in creating winning content, Spot On can help optimise your content from the beginning and keep on improving performance throughout the life-cycle of your campaign.


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