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Click to join Spot On's Facebook page

Thank you for clicking on our Facebook advertisement! Facebook is one of the social media platforms that we use to market the agency and its clients, bring visitors to blogs and websites and generate business leads. Social media marketing is now becoming a key component of many of our client communications campaigns.

Read on to learn how Spot On can help organisations to leverage social media effectively or scroll down the page for our contact details.

The social media train is already rolling: don’t get left behind!

trainThe rise and rise of Facebook and Twitter has given companies all over the world pause for thought as their customers, employees and other stakeholders spend more and more time using social media and less time on traditional media such as magazines, newspapers and television. Many companies remain skeptical and some understandably concerned over the brand risks of social media marketing. However, in the meantime, consumers continue to embrace social media in ever greater numbers, often marginalising the effectiveness of traditional media, and the numbers continue to tip the balance in favour of sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and others.

It’s an exciting time for marketing, as marketing tries and tests new techniques using new media and its certainly true that social media marketing is still on a learning curve and that noone has all the answers. However, there are already best practices for brands to follow and smart ways of using social media that maximise the benefits that your brand can reap from social media marketing. This is where Spot On can help.

Social media is not a ‘tactic’ and companies with no strategy will fail

FailThere’s much to be gained from experimenting with social media and learning first hand how it works, however if you’re launching a company marketing campaign that includes social media, the last thing that you want are inactive, undersubsribed, static social media pages and profiles. Facebook is littered with failed company groups and pages, which never gained the trust and buy-in from the right audiences. The blogosphere has thousands of inactive, unread and unvisited company blogs. The most common reasons for failed social media programs are lack of responsibility for the program in the organisation, lack of clear objectives, poor execution and a weak content strategy. Social media can be highly cost-effective, but that doesn’t mean that company campaigns are free of cost or that they don’t require dedicated resources.


Social media campaigns succeed when…

– there is a plan with strategy and clear goals
– the social media strategy has CEO buy-in
– there is a content strategy that makes sense for the audience
– social media users engage with your brand
– campaigns build trust between the brand and the public
– company employees engage with other social media users
– marketing (and other departments) listen to social media conversations
– two-way dialogue replaces one-way advertising
– campaigns build awareness and advocacy for the brand
– they achieve a measurable response from the right audiences

Find out how to make your campaign a success

If you’d like to find out more about how Spot On PR can help you position, promote and build your brand using social media and integrate that effort effectively with other communications activities, please contact one of Spot On’s senior consultants below:

Alexander McNabb (profile)
Email: alexanderm(at)spotonpr(dot)com
Mobile: +971 50 482 9529
Tel: +971 4 3491686

Carrington Malin (profile)
Email: carringtonm(at)spotonpr(dot)com
Mobile: +971 50 645 5491
Tel: +971 4 3491686

If we’re online you can also try chatting to us via Google Talk (green means we’re online):Chat with Spot On

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What is Spot On Public Relations?
Spot On Public Relations is a Dubai-based communications, public relations and marketing agency which focuses on the Middle East and North Africa. It’s one of the longest established PR firms in the region, enjoys a good reputation in the industry and is a founder member of the Middle East Public Relations Association (MEPRA).

What does Spot On do?
Spot On helps organisations build their brands and manage their communications in the Middle East region. We’ve been here a long time and have had the opportunity to launch dozens of global and Arab brands in the Middle East. Our clients include Fortune 500 companies and organisations from around the region.

We’ve been working with Internet technologies for the past 15 years, which is why we now find an increasing amount of our work involves leveraging the Internet and social media for clients, usually integrated together with traditional communications activities such as media relations, events, conference platform work, research, marketing promotions, issues management and internal communications.

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