Are you asking the right marketing questions?

What you get back from digital marketing, depends on what you ask for.

Today, we can implement marketing campaigns faster, target audiences more specifically and measure marketing campaigns more accurately than ever before, but the value that your organisation gets from digital marketing rather depends on what you ask of it. 

And therein lies the problem. Ask for more ‘likes’, you got ’em! Ask for more exposure, you’ll get more ‘views’. Ask for more visibility, you may get more ad ‘impressions’. However, all of these metrics mean nothing to your business.

Good questions

These are better types of questions ask:

Does our digital strategy help focus and inform all of our brand’s marketing activities?

Is our digital campaign actively building an engaged following for the brand?

Are our marketing campaigns creating measurable, actionable results for our business?

Are we producing content that serves and performs according to defined marketing goals?

Does our sales team see marketing campaigns result in actionable leads?

How can we punch above our weight and compete with competitors’ bigger budgets?

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