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Middle East & North Africa (MENA)If you’re trying to get the most out of Twitter, you might like these Twitter resources, particularly if your located in or interested in the Middle East and North Africa. You should also look through our MENA Twitter Lists to see who’s doing what on Twitter and ideas on Twitter users to follow.

If you’re interested on Spot On PR’s activities on Twitter, you can read more about how and why the agency uses Twitter, plus links to statistics on Twitter use in the Middle East & North Africa on our Welcome from Twitter page.

Twitter guides

If you’re new to Twitter, here are a few useful links on using Twitter:

Twitter 101: Getting started with Twitter

Twitter Guide Book – How To, Tips and Instructions by Mashable

Twitter’s Small Business Guide to using Twitter

Spot On’s Five Smarter Tweeting Tips

Spot On’s Twitter Lists

Here are some of Spot On’s favourite Twitter lists. You can follow a list and see all the tweets in your timeline, browse the list’s members for ideas on who to follow, or simply click on the list every now and again when you want to see the stream of tweets.

Arab Comedy
Arab Film
Arab Literature
ArabNet 2013 DXB Speakers
MENA Online Shopping
Middle East News (Arabic)
Middle East News (Eng)
MENA PR People
MENA Photographers
Middle East Brands
Media Freedom
Middle East CXOs

Read more about our Middle East and North Africa Twitter lists here.

Our Twitter reading list

Spot On tweets reading recommendations daily about Middle East and North Africa media, journalism, media freedom, social media, e-commerce, digital start-ups, entrepreneurship, Internet statistics, art, film, culture and more. Here are some of our recent ‘reading’ tweets.

Read more about Twitter

Read more about Twitter on the Spot On blog:

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Five Smarter Tweeting Tips (January 2012)

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A tweet in time saves nine (April 2010)

Twitter & Customer Service Survey (March 2010)

Tweets like grains of wheat (February 2010)

5 reasons Spot On PR uses Twitter (January 2010)

Life without Twitter? (December 2009)

Spot On PR’s MENA Twitter Demographics & User Habits Survey (September 2009)

Is social media making the Middle East more ‘social’? (February 2009)

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